Lattice | Product video

Our good friends at Lattice approched us with the goal of refreshing their visual product representations to reflect the company’s evolution.

During our first meeting with our client, we defined the scope of the project. What was this video for? Where was it going to be displayed? What emotion should convey the video? By asking these questions, it allowed us to have a cleared idea of the direction we were going to take with the video

Lattice wanted an electric, positive video, that demonstrates the clarity in their product. 

Being a HR platform empowering managers, the target 🎯 of the video was clear: managers and human ressources business partner

By showing in depth Lattice’s features and how managers could make their employee’s performance go through the roof with screens from the platform and interactions they could have, we ensured the attention of our target audience.

But don’t take our word for it, here is Lattice’s sales team feedback after seing the video:
"We are going to be out of our jobs, this sells itself!"

One thing Lattice wanted was to include subtle animations related to the text animating on the screen without having it feeling “too much”. It was important that the animation served a purpose and not just be artificial.Here are a few explorations for various parts of the video:

Are the people at Lattice happy?

Hell yeah they are! 🔥

Their HR virtual conference was a success (which btw was the biggest HR conference in the world: 40k RSVPs), their entire sales team went bonkers when they first saw the video. And the new product they announced in the video was featured just a day after the release of the video on the ProductHunt homepage. 🤯