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Ledger, a renowned name in the crypto security industry, approached our motion design studio with a unique project: to create a captivating 3D Product Video for their "Ledger Quest" program.

This program, consisting of multiple phases in collaboration with different crypto projects, allows participants to embark on a quest and have a chance to win custom hardware wallets for securing their cryptocurrencies.
Our primary objective for this video was to present the collaboration between Ledger and ApeCoin in an engaging and visually appealing manner. To achieve this, we meticulously designed a pure environment that showcased the Nano, the hardware wallet, without any distractions.

This focused approach ensured that viewers' attention was solely on the remarkable collaboration and the product itself.Lighting played a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere of mystery and excitement during the Nano's reveal.
By carefully manipulating the lighting in each scene, we added an element of suspense and intrigue, captivating viewers and building anticipation for the unveiling of the Nano.

Ledger x Apecoin

One of the significant challenges we faced was recreating the intricate designs of the Nano in a 3D format. We devoted meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every curve, texture, and feature of the Nano was accurately represented.

By giving the designs the necessary perspective and realism, we aimed to create a truly immersive and authentic experience for viewers.Through our expertise in motion design and 3D visualization, we successfully brought Ledger's "Ledger Quest" collaboration with ApeCoin to life.

The resulting 3D product video showcased the innovative design and functionality of the Nano, while simultaneously captivating and enticing viewers. We are proud to have delivered a visually stunning and compelling video that effectively conveyed the essence of this exciting collaboration.

Ledger's "Ledger Quest" program, combined with our expertly crafted 3D product video, provides participants with an opportunity to engage with the crypto industry in a unique and secure way.

By winning custom hardware wallets and securing their crypto assets, participants can embark on a journey of financial freedom with peace of mind.

In summary, our motion design studio was honored to collaborate with Ledger on this exciting project. By focusing on creating a pure environment, utilizing captivating lighting techniques, and accurately recreating the designs in 3D, we successfully delivered an eye-catching and enticing 3D product video.

This collaboration between Ledger and ApeCoin showcases the power of combining technology, creativity, and innovation in the crypto industry.

Ledger x Apecoin
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