Solana Stickers — 2D Motion Design


Possimpible Studio, Unfold


2D Motion Design, Creative Direction



At the beginning of 2023, we had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Unfold on various deliverables for Solana, a leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

One of the projects we were thrilled to be involved in was the creation of a collection of animated stickers for Dialect, a cutting-edge web3 messaging app available on the Solana web3 phone: the Saga.

The crypto and web3 landscape has experienced rapid growth in recent years, drawing parallels to the early days of the internet. Some even argue that crypto is surpassing the initial stages of the internet in terms of significance and impact.

This vibrant space is brimming with innovative and creative minds who introduce new trends and invent new slang, like the term "hodl" that originated from a typing error made by a forum user.

Our objective was to bring these crypto concepts, memes, and phrases to life through a series of 10 animated stickers. We aimed to infuse them with a playful and whimsical spirit while capturing the essence of web3 and crypto culture through engaging 2D motion design. Each sticker became an opportunity to embrace the unique character of the crypto community and reflect its energetic and inventive nature.

Solana diamond hands
solana DYOR
Solana GM
Solana LFG
Solana HODL
Solana Moon
Solana phone
Solana Bull
Dialect Phone Sticker
WAGMI Solana

Through playful animation and clever design, we crafted stickers that would resonate with crypto enthusiasts, tapping into the humor, creativity, and inside jokes prevalent within the space.
By injecting the stickers with a web3 and crypto essence, we aimed to foster a sense of connection and shared understanding among Dialect users.

Through the creation of animated stickers for Dialect, we harnessed the playful and innovative spirit of the crypto community. By infusing the stickers with a web3 and crypto essence, we aimed to enrich communication and bring joy to users as they engaged with these expressive and captivating visual elements.

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