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Mosaic - Product Video

Revolutionizing Finance with AI.
Our good friends over at Mosaic approached us with an ambitious project: create a product video for their new tool: Arc, set to revolutionize the way companies approach strategic finance.
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When tasked with creating a product video introducing Arc, Mosaic's AI that will make finance teams' lifes easier, we were faced with the challenge of effectively visualizing complex financial concepts in a way that was both engaging and easily understandable


Extensive research was conducted to gain a deep understanding of the AI tool's functionalities and the specific needs of finance professionals. Next, we leveraged our expertise in animation and storytelling to distill intricate financial processes into simple, clear and visually compelling narratives.

Mosaic Arc product Video
Mosaic Computer Arc product Video
Mosaic Funnel Animation
Mosaic robot animation
Mosaic Arc Product Video
Mosaic Arc Product Video

We’ve worked with Possimpible on 4 to 5 different product videos and every single one has been so phenomenal. Not only are they beautiful and engaging, but they also really help our company deliver on those business results and really get customers through the door.

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