Solana Saga — 3D Commercial


Possimpible Studio, Unfold


3D, 3D Commercial



We had the pleasure to collaborate once again with Unfold and Solana at the beginning of 2023 to craft a 3D commercial for the release of Solana Saga: a web3 smartphone.

Our task was to come up with a storyboard that conveyed the right message and feeling based on renders provided by Unfold.
Being the first ever web3 smartphone, the video needed to be as impactful and as eye catching as possible. We relied on a strong and powerful song to articulate the animations and copies to create the perfect 3D commercial.

Solana developed a illustration system for the Saga, to guide the user through the different steps when setting up the smartphone. We decided to push the collaboration as step further by bringing these illustrations to life in order to simplify the comprehension of the messages associated with the illustrations.

Solana Saga
Native web3 dapp store
solana finger print
Solana Seed Vault
Solana phone interaction animation
Solana phone animation
Solana phone animation
Solana phone animation
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