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Solana - 3D Product Video

Where Web3 Unfolds in Motion.
We had the pleasure to collaborate once again with Solana to craft a 3D commercial for the release of Solana Saga: a web3 smartphone.Being the first ever web3 smartphone, the video needed to be as impactful and as eye catching as possible. We relied on a strong and powerful song to articulate the animations and copies to create the perfect 3D commercial.
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How to show in a visually captivating way the design and details of this revolutionary phone wallet within a limited timeframe? 


We employed a combination of carefully crafted textures and lighting, sleek 3D animation and dynamic motion graphics to highlight the key aspects of the phone.

solana saga
solana saga dapp store
solana phone illustration animation
solana saga
solana phone illustration animation
solana icons
solana saga seed vault animation