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Wegrow - Brand Animation

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The great folks over at Wegrow approached us to craft animated brand elements for their website and socials in order to communicate effectively their mission and to attract new clients.
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How could we encapsulate the essence of the wegrow's brand while ensuring its visual appeal and coherence across various platforms?


We conducted thorough research to understand the brand's ethos and target audience deeply. By collaborating closely with wegrow, we developed comprehensive storyboards that integrated key brand elements seamlessly into dynamic animations.

wegrow power animation
wegrow logo animation
wegrow 3D simulation
wegrow 3D simulation
wegrow 3D simulation
wegrow progression curve animation
wegrow icons

The Possimpible team brought our studio's vision to life with their beautiful animations. Their work added a dynamic layer to our website, making it more engaging and visually appealing. Without Possimpible's contributions, I firmly believe our website would not have made the same impact on our audience and clients.

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